Zara’s Size Guide

Zara is the fashion store par excellence. Millions of people go through their stores every year and, also, increasingly buy through internet.

It is why it is so important to have clear the sizes of Zara and, that is why we present this Zara Size Guide for you to have Accessible information at any time.

Choose the sex of the size of Zara to consult:

Zara Sizes Man

Zara Woman Treats

Zara Newborn Baby Tights (Mini)

How to measure to know the size of Zara?

Prior to purchasing it is advisable to take a series of measurements to know what is our best size. These measures, of course, will vary depending on whether a man and a woman are involved.

But in principle there are 3 most important measures to take: chest, waist and hip. In the case of men, the collar is added (for shirts for example …). With these three measures, as we say, you can find out what size corresponds to us.

Where to Measure Women

  1. Grab a tape measure, paper and pen.
  2. Measure the contour of the chest first and take note of the measurement.
  3. Now measure the contour of the waist and write it down on the paper.
  4. Measure yourself, in this case, the hip and aim the measurement.
  5. Once made these steps choose the size system according to whether you are male or female and you will see what size of Zara is best suited to your needs.

It is very important to keep in mind that the measures that appear in the box are always of the body not of the clothes, so we have to stick to the size of the body.

Tips to choose the size of Zara

  • Each time more tend to get a standardization of sizes, at least, within the brands. So one of the tips that we can give you is to go to a physical store in Zara and see what size suits you well to make purchases online.
  • The number of different measures that you have to take into account is always the higher. It would be useless to take a smaller size if then, for example, chest does not fit. It is logical but not bad to remember.
  • The size of other brands of clothing does NOT have to correspond with those of Zara, so it is advisable to measure and find the right size.

Types of Zara

Zara sizes used, mainly two sizing systems that we explain to you next:

European Sizing: It is the system of carvings that Zara uses more and is the one that adapts to the conception of the European statures that, as it is logical, nothing has to do with the one of, for example the United States.

American size (represented by the words USA): it is another of the systems in which Zara establishes its sizes and that you will be able to find easily.